DVD Review and Competition – Insidious


Having seen and loved Insidious at the cinema I was curious to see if it worked on the small screen. James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s cute horror flick worked well with a big audience, who had a shared sense of terror then relief throughout the pic. Was that part of the film’s charm? Would it work on a repeat viewing together with someone who’d not seen it before?

I’m glad to say it did. The tension the filn builds up still works admirably and the creepy bits are still as creepy as ever. While some of the bigger jump scares may not work as well as on the big screen, this matters not one jot as the pace and tension still make superb viewing.

It may seem strange to call a horror movie cute, but Insidious is a film that wears its heart and its influences on its sleeve. While Wan and Whannell may like to tell you there’s never been a film quite like it before, any horror fan worth their salt can see any number of references, homages and nerdy moments. This is in no way a bad thing though, let’s be clear and nor does the film feel derivative in any way.

The performances from leads Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are superb, played absolutely straight. (Kudos to Wilson especially, who seems at first to be one of those terrible prickish male characters who refuse to believe weird stuff is happening, but eventually does the right thing, even becoming heroic.) Ably supported by Barbara Hershey and Lin Shaye, there is no melodrama here, and even lines that may seem risible out of context work beautifully. Off-setting these performances you have the characters of Tucker and Specs (played by Whannell himself) who bring a much needed lightness of tone in the middle of the second act.

This is a smart, fresh, entertaining horror flick, that is engaging enough for you to buy into the premise. Mr Moviegrrl watched it with me, and was so creeped out he stopped him enjoying it. (Mr Moviegrrl is from now on to be known as The Big Wuss).

Definintely a film to own, while you may be prepared for the “big” scares, the tension and creepiness of the movie endure.

Are you ready to get scared all over again – but this time in your home? The smash-hit horror movie Insidious is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray on 12th September. You can get into the spirit by swapping spooky stories on the Insidious UK Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/InsidiousUK where you’ll also be able to report sightings of the black Insidious Routemaster bus as it terrorises London streets for the week of release!

We’ve also got something very special for you – a money-can’t-buy ‘haunted’ Insidious t-shirt! How can it be haunted? Turn it over to find out… but to do that you have to enter and win our competition where you’ll also be in line to get a Blu-ray copy of the movie.

To enter the competition, just leave a comment on this review and one lucky winner will be drawn from a hat on the 30th September.

Only 1 entry per person, IP addresses will be logged, and I’m sorry, but UK residents only. Entries close at midnight BST on 30th September and my decision is final. Good luck 😀


~ by moviegrrlreviews on September 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “DVD Review and Competition – Insidious”

  1. Awesome film – glad to hear it works on the small screen too!

  2. One of my supervisors at Dish recommended Insidious so I threw it in my Blockbuster at Home queue to see what the fuss was about. It was thrilling! I love how it started very innocently enough and progressively got weirder. I definitely bought into the premise. I never jump at scary movies, but this one had me going. Since there’s no store for movies around us we may not get movies the same day, but movies are much scarier when you live in the middle of nowhere.

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