The Hunger Games – teaser trailer

The Hunger Games

God help me I am trying to resist the hype for The Hunger Games, bearing in mind it’s not being released until March of next year. So I approached the teaser trailer for it, shown at yesterday’s VMA’s with caution. Turns out I didn’t need to because this is the barest whiff of a trailer. And of course, it’s a teaser, and it’s supposed to be slight, but I’D ACTUALLY LIKE TO SEE MORE DAMMIT.


So much for resisting the hype then. Seriously though, if you haven’t already read Suzanne Collins YA trilogy, you really should. While lovers of Battle Royale will recognise the conceit, this is a much more emotive experience. With an exciting cast and a screenplay co-written by Collins and director Gary Ross, this should be a huge hit next year.

The Hunger Games opens on March 12th 2012


~ by moviegrrlreviews on August 29, 2011.

One Response to “The Hunger Games – teaser trailer”

  1. I never really got drawn into the hype of Hunger Games simply because I had never read it.

    I quite enjoyed the film however, I believe the book differs quite a bit?

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