Doctor Who – SDCC trailer for Season 6 Part 2

Doctor Who Autumn Preview

Not content with plenty of attention and a panel for Torchwood yesterday, today San Diego ComicCon gave itself over, heart and soul to Doctor Who.

The panel, featuring Karen Gillen and Matt Smith, was a huge hit, and recenived a rapturous reception. Best of all, the teaser trailer for Season 6 Part 2 was revealed.

Excuse me, while I get my breath back. Daniel Mays, Portal type turret guns, creepy dolls, River with an eyepatch, the return of The Silents, more Weeping Angels, Amy kicking ass with a katana, Winston Churchill…

The first episode of the second half, Let’s Kill Hitler, is due to air on BBC One and BBC America on 27 Aug.

Hat tip to Doctor Who TV for the screen shot.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on July 24, 2011.

6 Responses to “Doctor Who – SDCC trailer for Season 6 Part 2”

  1. Obligatory fangeek misinterpretation of about 0.5 of a second’s worth of footage: Are those Raston Warrior Robots? (See also: Is that booming voice Omega? Is River Song the Rani?, Is Amy the Rani?, Is Rani the Rani? Answer: No.)

  2. err, 41 seconds in. Tennant.

    • I’m not sure it is you know… having nearly blinded myself pausing it over and again…

      I *think* from the sideburns and top there’s a bit of a Japanese vibe, and whomever that is, they don’t have DT’s cheekbones, I think the face is more square.

      Still, good spot, I’d completely missed that regeneration moment…

  3. […] leading on from my post yesterday, one beady eyed reader was sure he saw David Tennant at the 41 second […]

  4. Curious – the “something has happened to time” quote…. It almost sounds like collin baker’s voice, or maybe someone more – authoritative. (I keep on hoping the monk ie Cho je will return – smarter than the Doctor that one was)

  5. and no, not Tennant – it’s one of those guys from the ship at 0:24 – look at the uniform.

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