The Lost Bladesman – Exclusive Trailer

Lost Bladesman Packshot

On 8th August, martial arts flick The Lost Bladesman is released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK.

This visually arresting movie, written and directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong (Infernal Affairs trilogy) has a sumptuous colour palette and stars Donnie Yen. Based on the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, that also gave us John Woo’s “Red Cliff” and Daniel Lee’s “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection Of The Dragon, this is a fast paced, exhilarating stuff.

Yen stars as the legendary warrior Guan Yun Chang, sworn brother of the great warlord Liu Bei, who, on becoming separated from his friend during the tumultuous warring period of the Three Kingdoms, is taken prisoner by and agrees to fight temporarily alongside Liu Bei’s enemy and rival warlord, Cao Cao.

Guan’s heroism on the battlefield is rewarded with the title of Marquis of Hanshou and promotion to the rank of lieutenant general in Cao Cao’s army. The position allows him the freedom to escort Liu Bei’s concubine, Qi Lan, who is being held hostage by Cao Cao, back to her lord and master. But the journey is fraught with danger as Guan and Qi Lan must make their way through a number of mountain passes, all of which are occupied by enemy generals and their armies.

The Lost Bladesman is released on Blu-Ray and DVD on 8th August in the UK. Full review to follow.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on July 21, 2011.

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