DVD Review – Eyeborgs

Eyeborgs pack shot

In the not too distant future in America, in an attempt to protect the American Public from continued terrorist threat, an bill is passed to link all security cameras to one central system ODIN, used to police criminal behaviour.

ODIN is aided by Eyeborgs, a range of security robots who monitor and analyse crimes. When it looks like the eyeborgs have been hacked in a scheme to kill the president, a cop (Adrian Paul), a reporter (Megan Blake) and the president’s nephew (Luke Eberl) investigate.

If you think Eyeborgs sound fantastically B-movie-ish, you’d be right.

But beneath this TV acting and obvious CGI (which though lovely doesn’t always sit realistically within the action) is a smart little film that is very much of it’s time. Part Terminator. part Hardware, part The Running Man, this is also very much a cautionary tale about what happens when the “war on terror” starts to remove personal freedoms.

They eyeborgs themselves fall into 2 main categories, the vicioius spidery ones and the cute round ones that look like personality cores from Portal. Indeed if there is a flaw with the film it’s that the robots are almost too likeable. It’s not the fault of the script, more that of the performances, that means when these robots go bad we’re cheering them on, rather than the humans.

And if you think this all sounds suspiciously like Transformers 3 and who wins the planet, the robots or the humans, you’d have a point. Think is Eyeborgs is quick, trashy fun, and while it’s not as pretty is the Bay-fest, it’s also not a long, not as dumb and certainly not as stupidly boy centric.

Eyeborgs was made in 2009, and has taken this long to reach our shores on DVD. Yet even in Obama’s brave new America, this still feels relevant and possible.

Eyeborgs proves that you dont’ have to spend a gazillion dollars to make a fun action flick and also that said flick can have subtext, relevance and even a less than neat ending. No, it’s not high art and no it’s not the best flick of it’s genre this year. It is clunky in places and the twist, while cute, doesnt’ bear overly close scrutiny.

A cameo by Danny F******g Trejo should give you a pretty good idea of where this film is pitched and I’d say by and large this absolutely delivers what it promises.

B-Movies baby, they’re the new rock n roll.

Eyeborgs is available on DVD in the UK now.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on June 29, 2011.

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