Coming Soon – Captain America : The First Avenger

Captain America newest poster

You know, I’m going to stop being sniffy about this summer’s crop of superhero movies. I didn’t expect to like Thor and it was great fun. I really didn’t expect to like X-Men:First Class, and I thought it was marvellous apart from its gender fail. Green Lantern – still not seen but I will and now here’s the second Captain America trailer.

I’m not a Marvel fangrrl, never have been. And the Cap has never really held my interest. But I have to admit the trailers have really got me champing at the bit to see this. That has very little to do with Chris Evans all oiled up but a lot to do with what looks like some really excellent production design. It all looks so *pretty*.

Oh and fun. It looks like a lot of fun. Fast-paced, wisecracking, explosions – what’s not to love?

This new trailer is longer and seems to get into the real meat and bones of the story. Hell, I’ll admit it, I’m excited now.

Captain America opens in the UK on July 29th.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on June 25, 2011.

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