MGR – Powering through into Year 2

This Blog Needs You

I started this blog on 25th May 2010, from bits and pieces I was doing for other blogs, plus just bits and pieces that I felt worth commenting on. As the year moved forwards I was lucky enough to get on a few lists myself and start covering more work. These days I do the best mix I can of screenings and DVDs from friendly PRs plus games and TV.

The number of hits I get currently on the site do tend to come from image searches, rather than regular readers/subscribers and I’d like to shift that emphasis.

And that’s where you come in, you lovely lot. You can help build up the readership, help increase the number of hits and in doing so, give me more recognition and more contacts, which will get you better content. Everybody wins!

So, what can you do?

– Pimp reviews that you like, spread the word if you think I’ve written something that other people would like to read.
– Follow me on Twitter, like the Facebook page, check out my Soundclouds
– Subscribe to the blog, or the RSS feeds (links to the right hand side of this, right there!)
– Subscribe to the Jellyfielders Podcast which I feature on regularly and again, pimp it if you hear something you like.
– Let me know if there’s something you’d like me to review, if I can do, I will.

From my side of things, I will promise to:

– Carry on being mean about things that I think are a stupid idea
– Post at least 2 reviews a week, more during the forthcoming season of Doctor Who (my god you should see my backlog…)
– Endeavour to review more games (again, damn you should see the backlog)
– Stop writing “fluff”, even if I know it will generate hits (yeah, I’m talking about stuff like this…)
– Keep doing it because I love writing about this stuff

I’ve got a target for total hits for the end of May, that I’d love to achieve. Not going to say what, it’s pretty outrageous. But you and me, kids, let’s aim for the stars…

Oh, one last thing – how does everyone feel about the site itself? Does it need a makeover? Let me know, eh?


~ by moviegrrlreviews on April 21, 2011.

One Response to “MGR – Powering through into Year 2”

  1. You’re also syndicated to Dreamwidth, now (moviegrrl_wordpress_feed). I thought I’d already done that, but…

    Might want to pimp THIS blog out a bit more via your DW/LJ accounts.

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