SSX Reboot – 4 new screenshots and the Developer’s Diary videos

SSX Concept Art

You may possibly remember this post at the end of last year, where I ripped EA a new one after their frankly horrendous SSX:Deadly Descents teaser trailer.

Well, quite clearly I wasn’t the only person who was appalled because apparently EA have dropped the “Deadly Descents” tag and have recently started to release Developers’ Diary videos.

This video this would appear to be promising turn around. As stated in the video, there will be three main concepts to the game, Race It, Trick It and Survive It. The latter has nothing to do with that awful COD:Modern Snowboarding teaser, but instead is an emphasis on man versus nature and mad jumps and stunts.

Uber-tricks? Why, yes please

To reassure the fan-base further, EA have now released 4 screenshots featuring old favourite Elise.

(Click to embiggen)

Elise Riggs 1

Elise Riggs 2

Elise Riggs 3

Elise Riggs 4

This is looking exactly as shiny and fresh as we’d expect from the franchise. Now either the teaser last year was a horrendous mis-step or EA are working very hard and fast to turn things around. Either way, we’re good EA right now, just don’t eff it up. Also, where’s Brodie dudes? Because if we’re talking about making awesome easy, no-one does it better than the B-Man….


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