Doctor Who – The Impossible Astronaut teaser and other goodies

Stetsons are cool

With the first episode of Season 6 of Doctor Who (Season 32 if you’re a purist) now less than a month away, there seems to be a bigger push than ever before to whip us all up into a frenzy of excitement. (Truth be told, we were all pretty excited anyway, but keep it up BBC, good chaps).

First of all we have a teaser for The Impossible Astronaut:

Which, as other, better people have pointed out today you should definitely take a second look at.

Then there is the Prequel to The Impossible Astronaut which you can see on the official BBC website at 16:00 tomorrow (GMT).

Seventh Doctor teeIf that wasn’t enough to have you salivating, how about the new tshirts that Forbidden Planet are taking pre-orders for? Sadly they are only doing the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors at the moment. I shall get very sulky if I can’t get an a 3 or 8.




And FINALLY, and this is too glorious not to share.
You can buy this as a 18″x12″ glossy print for £15 plus postage of £3.50 from the wonderful Binary Dad (UK only). Now that’s better than an Easter Egg, isn’t it?


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