Top Ten Films of 2010

It’s been a funny year for films here at Casa Moviegrrrl. I’ve been lucky enough to see some fantastic films this year, though nowhere near as many as I’d like. (The aim this year is to see at least 365 and I’m already behind schedule on that!). There were some big movies that I still haven’t got round to seeing (*cough* Inception *cough*), and some smaller ones that I’m very glad I did. I’ve caught up with films I should have seen years ago and I’ve championed films that you should see now, dammit. So a good year….

10. A Serbian Film

Genuinely on my Top Ten for a number of reasons. For generating the debate about polemic and film censorship, for being the most cut movie in years, for possibly changing how Eastern European films are funded and thus paving the way for a New Wave of cinema. While I’d be reluctant to recommend this to more than a handful of people, this film continues to stay with me thanks to it’s amazing cinematography and surprisingly emotional content. While the world of A Serbian Film is vile, make no mistake, I think it’s a genuinely important film.

9. Black Death

Wonderful British horror movie that harks back to both The Wicker Man and The Witchfinder General. Genuinely unsettling with a devastating coda, it includes exceptional perfomances from Andy Nyman and John Lynch. A proper horror film.

8. REC2

Another wonderful horror film that delivers exactly what it intends to. REC2 builds up the mythology from the first movie, throws in a neat reference or two to The Exorcist and shows the sort of intelligence that is sadly lacking in a lot of modern horror films.

7. Africa United

Without doubt one of the best children’s films of this year. It manages to patronise neither it’s audience or subject matter, is brilliantly entertaining with excellent performances from it’s cast. Proceeds went to Comic Relief, so there’s a good chance it will be on your tellyboxes come March. Watch it.

6. Kick Ass

Ok, I’m so far from the demographic for this, I should be embarrassed. Yet without doubt, this was a film very close to my heart and all my geek loves. Chloe Moretz and Nicolas Cage are both outstanding, the script was on the money and the soundtrack is to die for. Amazingly this was only the second best comic book adaptation of the year.

5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

Oh shut up… Steve Kloves script keeps all the salient bits, David Yates does another sterling job and look, Ma, the kids are all growed up. Super dark, genuinely adult, possibly the best of the lot.

4. The Hole

Joe Dante is back baby. Best kids film of the year (that I saw, happy to concede that The Princess and the Frog and Toy Story 3 are better). This has just the right amount of frights and thrills for adults and (older) children alike. Put the wind up Junior Miss Moviegrrl, but she loved every second. Furthermore, the 3D is excellent.

3. Monsters.

Made on a ridiculously tiny budget, this sci-fi, road movie, lo-fi romance, call it what you want, is one of the most beautifully shot films of this year. It was wonderful to see director Gareth Edwards present it at FrightFest this year, obviously moved by the experience. With Edwards working on a secret project with Timur Bekmambetov (NightWatch) and close to signing a deal with Legendary Pictures to direct Godzilla, this is definitely a man to watch.

2. Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Effortlessly gleeful, wonderful performances, iconic visuals, superb soundtrack. Pity it didn’t make any money, but I’m sure the recent DVD release with rectify that. Michael Cera’s performance is probably the least interesting, while all the girls rock. My ten year old loves it as much as I do.

1. Black Swan

An amazing performance from Portman who does well with a pretty unlikeable character. A totally bonkers concept, played utterly straight. A superb score and an excellent use of sound generally, that leaves you hemmed in and on the edge. Absolutely not everybody’s cup of tea. Utterly marvellous.


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