Top Ten Games of 2010

What with Mr Moviegrrl taking over the Xbox360 for large amounts of time, film reviews a go-go this year and a busy time at work, I probably didn’t get to play as many games as I would have liked. 2011 looks like being a monster year for games too, so I’m either going to have to a) step it up b) sleep less c) get a second Xbox for the bedroom d) a combination of all three.

Still, I’ve played enough to put together my Top Ten for this year, and I have to say there’s been some fantastic stuff out there again. For my money, the Xbox is still the console to have, especially with Kinect moving motion technology forwards. (Yes there are still some issues, but it feels like “future tech” and when it works, damn it works well).

There would be more DS games in this list, if Junior Miss Moviegrrl had let me get my grubby hands on them. Apologies to Kingdom Hearts on the DS, I’m sure you’re fantastic 😉

So my Top Ten for this year:

10. DJ Hero 2 (PS3, Wii, Xbox360)

With a fantastic array of new tracks and new tricks in its record bag. DJ Hero 2 has been a great addition to rhythm games. While it’s never going to be as popular as Rock Band (which knocked Guitar Hero into a cocked hat this year and then stomped all over it with it’s been size 13s), it’s still incredibly good fun, and the online experience works well. Worth catching on sale.

9. Kinect Sports (Xbox360)

Why is Kinect Sports better than any of the Wii Sports games? Basically Kinect Sports feels more intuitive, more responsive and as a result more fun. With Kinect tracking a huge number of points on your body and no controllers it’s much harder to cheat, and much more engaging. The football in particular is excellent, and the field events exhausting. But it’s also great fun. Indeed all of the Kinect games where you end up in a sweat (Adventures, Dance Central, Your Shape) manage to balance fun with fit. There are some dud games out there and who knows whether the tech will fly or die a death. But when it works (and on Sports it really works) it feels like the Future of not just gaming, but interactive entertainment.

8. Fable 3 (Xbox360)

Also known as “that utter time vampire”… Fable 3 takes you back to Albion, now in it’s Industrial Age and ruled by King Logan, son of the Hero from Fable 2. As his brother/sister, you must overthrow his tyrannical rule and prepare Albion for it’s biggest challenge yet. Although short (the game can be completed in just over 24 hours), easier than Fable 2 and nothing terribly new, this is a fantastically well put together game that conforms to the “if it ain’t broke” principle.

7. Toy Story 3 (DS, Mac, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox360)

Time was games adapted from movies used to suck in a spectacular fashion, but the tide has turned in recent years. (Possibly starting with the excellent Kung Fu Panda game). While Toy Story 3 is for the most part an extravagant platform game with knobs on, the Toy Box mode makes it instantly accessible for even the most uncoordinated and klutzy of gamers. Whilst the scripting lacks the charm of the films, the bright colours and fun challenges make it a proper family game.

6. Enslaved: Journey to the West (PS3, Xbox360)

Poor Enslaved. Released in October, it was never going to get much attention on shelves bursting with new Fallout, Call of Duty and Fable. Which was a real shame. The story, written by Alex Garland (The Beach) is based on the tale of Monkey and Tripitaka. The visuals are breathtakingly pretty, the soundtrack is by Nitin Sawhney and the vocal talent (and motion capture ) is from Andy Serkis ( amongst others). This is a forgetten gem of 2010 already and can be bought pretty cheaply. While the combat may be a tad repetitive, this is a fantastic game with a brilliant final twist. Worth your cash.

5. Red Dead Redemption (PS3, Xbox360)

Ok, I’ll admit. I’ve still not played RDR. Frankly it leaves me cold. BUT this annoys me more than you can possibly imagine, because I understand why it’s brilliant. RDR has a fantastic open world, huge slice of American Gothic and outstandingly pretty visuals, not to mention a story where the outcome is genuinely moving. It’s a fantastic achievement from Rockstar, and Undead Redemption does actually make sense within the overall tone of the story.

4. Alan Wake (Xbox360)

I love everything about this game. The structure, the gameplay, the visuals and the fantastic soundtrack. Genuinely eerie, sometimes a little too self-knowing, designed to be played in the dark, this was a genuinely exciting game to play. The fact that this is only “Season One” means that a sequel could be on it’s way, certainly the story’s ending is open ended enough to allow it. Huge kudos must also go to the prequel story Bright Falls, which whetted the appetite.

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops (PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox360)

And the juggernaut that is COD rumbles on and on and on. Once again people will have bought this just for the multiplayer experience which is, of course, excellent. The Cold War plot is fantastically written (David S Goyer was the consultant and it shows) and brilliantly playable. With vocal talent including Ed Harris and Gary Oldman dialogue never feels stilted or force. Ultimately it’s still the virtual equivalent of paintball, but damn, it’s good.

2. Angry Birds (Apple iOS, Maemo (Nokia N900), Palm webOS, Android, Symbian^3)

Stupidly addictive. Ridiculously good value for money. Brilliantly simple. Totally infuriating. Did I mention the addictive thing? Oh and 50 million downloads across all platforms. If you’ve played it, you know why it’s so high on the list.

1. Mass Effect 2 (PC, Xbox360)

Carrying on from where Mass Effect left off, using ME saves to shape the ME2 world, Sheperd kicking ass, Garrus back, and some seriously bad tits situations… Mass Effect 2 managed to be as compelling as the first one, just as much fun to play and with a cliffhanger that had my mouth watering. The mix of RPG and shooter was well balanced too, and while Sheperd never has to make the Hobson’s choices of Fable 3, the difference between lawful good and chaotic good makes it worth playing more than just once. As for the third instalment out in “Holiday 2011”, bring it on.

Oh yeah, and I’m all about the FemShep…. 😉


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