Forza 4 – new trailer

Forza 3 was a bit of a revelation to be honest. A racing game that was hugely playable but didn’t punish you if you were super crap at racing games.

The new teaser trailer for Forza 4 was released at the VGAs this weekend, and well…. is ANY of it actual gameplay or is it all real-life footage? Genuinely hard to tell, but the engine for 3 was so good that this looks mouthwatering.

Due for release in Fall 2011, Xbox360 exclusive and affiliated with Top Gear, I’m hoping that this carries on with the exceptional form of 3. Rumours that there will be Kinect gameplay can stay rumours to be honest, this doens’t need to be gimmicky, just rollocking good fun.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on December 12, 2010.

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