Stormys in a Teacup – a Stormy adventure for Shelter

Oh Np

My love for Little Stormys knows no bounds.

Full of wit, good humour and wonderful film and game references, Little Stormys are a shining example of the way a good Twitter feed can brighten a day.

Now, “The Boss”, creator of Stormy Little Adventures has come up with a plan to raise money for Shelter this year.

Hey peeps,

I thought it was about time I turned the good ship @littlestormys towards something productive so here we are.

I’ve chosen Shelter because of the marvellous work Tracy & Jon Morter did last year with Rage Against X Factor. They took something popular and guided towards a good cause and it’s inspired me to do the same. There’s so many poor souls out there and giving them a roof over there head on Christmas Day can’t be out of the question can it?

If you donate please put you twitter id in there so I can add you to the raffle.

Please donate what you can and I hope you enjoy the story I’m going to tell


The Boss

So please, spread the word, follow them on Twitter, and of course please donate to a very worthwhile cause.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on November 29, 2010.

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