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Doctor Who logo

There’s a lot of Doctor Who merchandise out there. A hell of a lot. Just pop over to Forbidden Planet and have a look. Tonnes of it. Still, what if you want something a little less…generic for the Whovian in your life. Well I’ve done some hunting around the internet so that you don’t have to. Soap and socks may be Christmas staples, but these are just a little smarter than the stuff you usually get from Auntie Mabel.

Tardis soap

US company Geeky Clean do a wonderful vanilla custard scented TARDIS soap. Perfect for grubby Time Lords (and ladies), this smells much nicer than the licensed bath products, although it will of course eventually wash away…

Names shirt

While the internet has been jumping today with love for Ian Leino’s 11 Doctors, 1 TARDIS tee, I prefer the names shirt from Cafe Press. A little more subtle and not necessarily as immediately accesible as the caricature tee, it comes in a wide variety of colours and fits and as a UK item, not only retails at a neat £14.00, but you don’t need to worry about international shipping.


Far be it for me to heighten Christmas stress, but these TARDIS socks are quite clearly made of awesome as well as wool. The bad news is that you can’t buy them in the shops. However if you’re of a crafty, knitting bet (and knitting is relaxing), you can copy the pattern provided by wittylittleknitter. Her blog is mainly dedicated to recreating *that* scarf, which is something of a full time project. However, anyone with a circular knitting needle and a bit of knitting know-how should be able to rustle these socks up pretty quickly.

Eleven Doctors

If you are going to go down the licensed merchandise route (and as someone who is proud of the BBC, I see no reason why not), then there are a couple of “must purchases”. The first of these is the Eleven Doctors Action Set. Beautifully made, all the doctors are superbly realised and at £46.49 it’s not an overly hefty purchase. Were the geek shelf here at Moviegrrl Towers not already full of Buddy Christs, Big Daddies, Fallout bobblheads and Hellboy minifigs, this would already have been purchased. (And if anyone wants to get me this set, I’m sure I’ll find room somewhere!).

Blue Box Exploding

Without a doubt, this is the best Doctor Who poster I’ve seen in a very long time. Called The Pandorica Opens or Blue Box Exploding, this is “one of the final paintings by Vincent van Gogh, painted in 1890 and inspired by transmissions he picked up from 102 AD Stonehenge”. Like Murray Gold’s excellent soundtrack for season 5, this is something that acts as an immediate reminder that Season 5 was amazing and breathtaking television. Can I have this one on canvas please?

Cottage in Lydd

Of course if this all seems to be a bit obvious and you want to get something *really* special for the Time Lord obsessed object of your affection, then a stay at Doctor John Smith’s cottage in Lydd is the perfect gift. Beautifully fitted out with Who paraphenalia, DVDs and CDs, this self contained cottage and apple barn is the perfect Whovian retreat. Rates start at £250 for a 3 night weekend off-season, which seems more than reasonable. Sadly Mr Moviegrrl has already nixed the possibility of this being our honeymoon venue. Well it would rather be cross purposes 😉


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