Green Lantern – new trailer

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordon

When it comes to Green Lanterns, I was always more a fan of Guy Gardner than Hal Jordon, who I found a little too bland.

Still, with the casting of Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming movie, I do have some hope for something more than honourable heroics.

Warners have just released the new trailer for the movie, due to be released Summer 2011, and well…. it’s a bit Iron Man tbh. Screw up who already has responsibility is given greater responsibility. Oooh, how will he cope?

I appreciate I may be being a tad unfair, and also possibly basing my Green Lantern expectations on the fan-made trailer with Nathan Fillion which I found genuinely exciting.

Am I being too harsh? Is *this* the superhero movie you’re waiting for next summer?


~ by moviegrrlreviews on November 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Green Lantern – new trailer”

  1. I’m a huge Lantern fan and while I’m not overly enamoured with the new trailer I still hold out great hope for the franchise. Ryan Reynolds has just the right amount of charm and self-confidence needed to pull off a convincing Hal Jordan.

  2. I never cared for the casting of Reynolds (though I do usually enjoy his movies). He just isn’t Hal. I’ll still watch it, but I have to say, I’d be there opening day if the movie for the fan trailer became an actuality. This one? Maybe on the big screen, won’t lose sleep if I missed it.

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