Geek Christmas Gifts – Insert Coin T-Shirts

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If you’re anything like me (and I’m guessing you might be, otherwise why would you read this blog?) then you probably have geeks aplenty to get Christmas presents for. In order to help you get thorough the potential stress, I’ll be doing the odd present suggestion post.

(Please note, this is in no way indicative of any presents I may be wishing for, at least, not much. Nor is it a shameless attempt to get companies to send me free stuff. Of course, should anybody want to… But I digress)

First on my list are the fine tshirts of Insert Coin Clothing who are doing for gameing tshirts what Last Exit to Nowhere did for movie tshirts.

The company has been going since earlier this year, and were displaying at MCM Expo a couple of weeks ago. The tees are excellent quality and well designed, and frankly having met some of the staff, these people deserve your business.

Coming in mens and womens sizes plus a few hoodies, the range of designs is small at the moment, but I’m sure will grow in time. Tees are £20, Hoodies £30 and they have free worldwide delivery.

Oh.. and in the interests of fairness, I have to admit, that I’m wearing their USC Ishimura one right now…


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  1. Wow.! good article. I like it. That is a good ideas.

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