Burke & Hare new poster

Burke & Hare poster

Two days ago the trailer for Burke & Hare was released, today courtesy of my fine pals over at B3K, here is the poster.



Anyone else think it’s a bit crap? Not quite a Photoshop Disaster, but awfully lazy. Have to say I’d expected a lot more from this, and it worries me. Is the assumption that this will just sell on the charm of the two leads? (Note, I love both actors dearly and want to see this be a success…)

Reactions to the trailer have varied – a lot of people suggesting it’s Carry On Up Yer Corpses, with floating accents and no real grit.


What do you think guys. And while we’re on it, please nominate your favourite rubbish posters (either misleading or just plain bad design) in the comments.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on October 7, 2010.

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