Fright Night Remake – Exciting Cameo – SPOILERS!!!!

Fright Night

Courtesy of AICN and Mania, comes an exciting piece of news about a one scene cameo from one of the original cast members of Fright Night.
Shooting is currently underway for the 3D remake which stars Colin Farrell as Jerry Dandridge and Anton Yelchin as Charlie Brewster.

More under the cut, but be warned this is a MAJOR SPOILER, so please do not click unless you’re absolutely, totally, 100% positive you want to know.

Did you come direct to this page, not from the home page? Then you’re gonna need to scroll down…
You’re really sure?

Really, really?

Ok then, it’s been confirmed that Chris Sarandon has a cameo that neatly ties the two films together.


*cough*, sorry got a bit carried away there…

Now like a lot of people, I would have preferred this to stay unknown, because it would be such a jolt to fans of the original when he appears on screen. But this is another sign to me that Dreamworks are taking this remake seriously. With a Marti Noxon script, a fantastic cast, and now this, I’m really getting very excited about what next October will hold.

Fright Night is released in the UK on October 7th, 2011

Again, thanks to Live for Films for the heads up on this one…


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