Devil May Cry 5 trailer – What have they done to Dante?

New Dante?

The teaser trailer for Devil May Cry 5 was launched at the Tokyo Games Show last month and well…. it’s not what you’d expect. At all.

Firstly the visuals are hugely different from the style we’ve seen before. This is a more subdued colour palette, and graphically nowhere near as glossy or crisp as the previous games. It suggests a clear move away from what has gone before, which is accented by that young chap who smokes and has dark hair. His name is … Dante…sorry WHAT?

Now I’m not going to get all all fanboy about this, I think it’s time the franchise had a reboot, and if you’re going to shake things up, REALLY shake them up. Whether or not this new dark tone will also affect the gameplay is yet to be seen. Personally, I rather like it…

The game is being developed by Ninja Theory of Heavenly Sword fame.

So, thoughts? Bring in the new or stick with the old?

Kudos to Live For Films for bringing this to my attention.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on October 3, 2010.

41 Responses to “Devil May Cry 5 trailer – What have they done to Dante?”

  1. this game is rumored to be a prequel, so most likely there is a reason for this look and it will not stay. not saying the look is bad (as a matter of fact its really hot), but it just isn’t dante, at least not the one we know. after four games, the changing of graphics is keeping with the times, but an entire redo is not only risky, but stupid. he was perfect before. i say the old stays.

    • new dante definetly not as cool as old dante and in the trailer i never saw his sword the rebellion once wtf mate ??? not cool ya change dante u take the rebellion away what do u get one lame ass game….. But i did hear vergil was coming back as a playable character so i am stoked for that!

  2. I have played and finished all of the DMC games so far and even watched every episode I am a huge DMC fan the new Dante looks good but they shoulda kept with the old one white hair and all, Dante is Dante and this is not him.

  3. Yes! That’s exactly what I think! I’m a huge fan as well, and just because they say “it’s the same Dante as before, just with a new look” does not make it true… It’s just not him…

  4. i like the new dante i think maybe he just hasn’t become old enough to be intact with his demon powers enough to turn his hair into the more demon looking white.

  5. I hate capcom for what they ve done to dante. Seriosuly, screw you tardheads!

  6. i dont like this dmc or devil may cry 5 i think its stupid plus Dante always has his rebellion and ebony and ivory sense when does Dante decide he wants to go to prison that sounds kinda fruty i think this is a rip off just like bayanettia that

  7. What they’re doning to Dante is so wrong, there is no need to call this game “Devil May Cry”… But if they didn’t, would care about this game? Most games sequels are made by poeple who hade nothing to do with the original [see DMC 2,3, and 4], that’s just the video game business works. All hail lord Shoji Kawamori! Long live Macross! Death to Harmony Gold! Robotech fans should kill themselves for the love of lord Shoji Kawamori!

  8. I don’t really know what to say anymore. I mean, everyone’s opinion is valuable and could be true. I like the one about Dante not being old enough yet, and I couldn’t agree more that this new Devil May Cry 5 thing is stupid. I’ve come to the conclusion that most people who have accepted this new look for Dante are either not a total die-hard DMC fan like some of us, or like DMC so much that they are willing to just agree with whatever Capcom does. All we can really do is hope that there is a logical reason for Dante looking the way he does, and play the game because it does look really cool. I don’t necessarily like the new look of Dante (or who they claim to be Dante because this guy they put on DMC 5 is the worst excuse for Dante I have EVER seen and in the end is NOT DANTE), but I definitely will play, watch, and read anything to do with Devil May Cry.

    PS: on a Game Stop display of DMC 5 I learned that Dante’s new look is the fault of Japanese game designers who wanted him to look that way for the new game, just saying. (*lights up torch* who wants to burn down Capcom for this one???)

  9. the new game looks good and the new dante looks good for this year

  10. […] Devil May Cry 5 trailer – What have they done to Dante? October 20108 comments […]

  11. not a bad look for dante, as ive said on many occasions, i just think we’ve all come to love the look he has had in the past and that’s just what we’ve associated him with and i don’t really think they should have changed him.


  13. OMG Do they think that we’re blind + retarded? Are they trying to convince us that this is the same Dante we knew but with a new futuristic look??!!! Because clearly no one buys this shit! It PISSES ME OFF when the retarded bitches say Dante isn’t cool enough anymore! Where the hell did they get this crap from?! I can say with utter confidence that Dante was the main attraction of the game, his looks and persona won him the love of his fans; i know the gameplay is amazing but imagine if a guy other than Dante was the main character from the very start…! I don’t think that it will gain the same popularity…. and enough with the crap about DMC needs to draw on new things, new music, new ways of cinematography, new fashion
    Because guess what?! You can have Allllll these things and still keep Dante and just give him a modern make over (instead of getting this trying too hard to look cool impostor, really its cheesy). Again if they really “hated” Dante i wish they had the decency to get a new original character and change the name instead of trying to steal Dante’s character and put a new face to it and did i mention that a 70 year old real Dante will still look hotter than this fake wannabe lol! Bitch start a new game title instead of feeding on real Dante’s FAME!!!!!

  14. you know yall say yall are true DMC fans. well if you guys are real fans youd look this stuff up and take the time to realise why his look is different. dante is younger in this one this is before he met trish,lady,nero, maybe even virgil. in DMC3 he was young but this one his style is suppost to be like the “punk movement” only part of his hair is white probobly cuz in the story he dyed his hair and his roots were showing idk. hes not in jail he was enrolled into an asylum. you talk about his weapons he still has ebony and ivory but this is maybe before he has rebelion. line up the facts and get your shit strait before you freakout over something that really isnt that big of a deal. me i researched and lined up the facts watched the interviews etc. so yea…

    • Umm, actually, I HAVE looked this stuff up, thank you very much. But there’s no true info out there right now because not much information has been given about the game yet. Everything that’s out about it right now are just rumors- good, valid, and logical rumors, but rumors all the same. Also, take into mind that it was a while ago that we were actually posting on this, so the info that’s out on this game is a lot more detailed than that which was out back in October of last year. So yeah, we do know a lot more now, but just saying, I have looked up this stuff and followed all the information that was coming out on this game as it came, but back in October, there really wasn’t much out yet. So take a look back at the dates of some of those comments, think about the info that was out, and perhaps wonder if maybe we did have our “shit straight” for that point in time. Just take that one into consideration.
      Thanks 🙂

  15. honestly I like the new DMC look an I believe that this game is not a prequel for simple fact this dante is younger looking in an era that looks up to date also his hair is black with a hint of white from the middle of his scalp, he carrys a new weapon that changes at will from spear axe/hammer to a whip I believe this is a different Dante a clone if you will. At the end he’s smoking… As far as I’m concerned Dante doesn’t smoke! I overall like the preview an would love to play this game so what if it’s different, original can b boring. Spice it up cuz if it’s the same thing over an over we already know Dante always wins, lets see what this “new”Dante can bring to the table.

  16. Capcom better have a fucking excuse for this

  17. in all the dmc series we have seen the dante as the demon who owns his own demon slaying business. white hair, red and black outfit, cool style. but how did he get there and what was he like before. to be as humble as he is now he had to have gone through some tough shit especially being a demon (you know like the old people who have gone through and seen so much in life and seem to never get mad or have a care in the world) and in the mugshot his serial number has “limbo” on it. let’s see how the dante we all love now came to be.

  18. oh….and i bet everybody that’s talking all the shit about this game is STILL going to go out and purchase it….lmao i know i am

  19. Dante looks like hes been on a diet program, used a lawnmower to cut his hair and lost his sword somewhere. why? dmc6 they will probably change his sex

  20. Dante?
    what happened to you..??
    why you look so weird, i think that man more suitable as Dante’s son…

    and Dante smoking?
    ohhh, he will be die from the ciggarate poison, not from the demon

  21. in my opinion as a pure dmc fan is that sometimes new things must be tried for example mgs ok we have all grew up with solid snake yet next installment of metal gear solid will feature raiden not snake yet it still looks badass, only time will tell we should all wait till dmc5 comes out and with an open mind play the game and after we all do it 100% then decide if its good or not…

  22. this new dante looks like the game’s director and i guess he wanted to be the hero of DMC 5. well he sucks like shit and i ain’t buying it until they change the graphics as well as the character in this game,this ain’t worth my time and even money.

  23. Me and my Twin Bro have been discussing this for a long time now and we have come to a conclution that if you know the game well then you know that the game order is this. DMC 5, DMC 3, DMC 2, DMC 1 and finally DMC 4. We have heard that instead of going devil dante’s hair simple turns white so what if this is a whole line up of how powerfull he gets through out the franchies. He starts off with black hair as he’s weakest form then as he gets more powerfull his hair starts to stay white then once his hair stays white he finally turns demon in dante’s awakening which is the first time he takes demonic form. so basically what im saying is maybe like Dragonball z they have SSJ, 2, 3, 4 dante has black hair, white hair, demon.

  24. Well ive loved devil may cry all my life and idc for most of this new dude okay his power awaken he gets white hair whatever the new weapon is odd but a fucking whip sounds fun. Only probelm i got with him is his face look nothing like dante mabe combine this dante and the old one and get a compromise like infamous and infamous 2 i believe thats fair but thats my oppinion

  25. P.S to all the haters you talk all this shit but its obvious you will still buy it ur just a hypocrit or plain lying to urselves i know cuz ill still buy weather its this new fag dante or old classic cuz who gives a fuck its a look get over it doesnt change the original story of the devil slaying badass…..

  26. Dante looks like crack head hobo.

  27. I read up some comments people complaining about his weapon rebellion this new shit a spear sword axe and a whip and you wanna complain it isnt the normal sword that does basically nothing? Nigga suck my dick and stop hating cuz we all know you hatin pussys will buy it anyways so why you complaining in the first place get some money like we all know it and buy it or dont who the fuck cares capcom still making that money lmao wow hahahaha 🙂

  28. I applaud whoever decided to endure the fanboy rage and try something different, in an attempt to pull a decent style fighter out of the dirt. I think it looks visceral and am curious to see how they’ve changed the ‘game’ (all the better if they’ve canned the existing story completely, because apart from DMC I didn’t give a damn about it anyway). I got bored of playing DMC4 10 minutes after Nero was taken from me, because it was immaterially different to DMC3 in feel to warrant $99 and 10 hours of my life. In saying this, DMC5 probably would’ve been better received if they didn’t destroy a massively popular protagonist for the sake of shits and giggles (or angst and cigarettes…. but w/e floats your boat).

  29. y r all u haters complainin bout hair color,4 petes sake HE IS YOUNGER,YOUNGEERRR!!!get it.nd about rebellion who givs a crap bout dat sword dat does nothin nd as practically d same borin old moves 4 d past 4 series.i mean luk at dis new baby it’s an axe,dev bringer nd spear combind.wat more cud u want

  30. luvin dis new dante nd his new toy 4 all those stuck up fan boys listen:ninja studios is tryin 2 bring dmc back 2 d top where it belongs nd wit d old designs,repititive moves and really chinese luk of old dante it jst aint possibl nd cud neva hv competed wit games like god of war,darksiders nd odas NT studios is bout 2 change all dis wit dis rily cool hold jst horses,we all wnt 2 c dmc top charts nd i tink its bout 2.

  31. Well!….by these days we all know it’s the very first part of DMC. So any dmc fan will love to play it just to know the past life of dante and how he became a legendary demon slayer.How can you even expect some brash,angry and chain smoker young boy much different from this new (sorry, sequentially old) Dante?

  32. in case you guys who are complaining about dante not having his sword rebellion. its because this is a prequel and dante doesnt even have his sword in the first game. how can he have his sword when this is supposed to be a time before he had it originally? food for thought

  33. We’ve taken to calling this guy “Justin” because he looks like a “Justin”. There’s no way he could be Dante because Dante only got his Demon powers in dmc3 and he’s like 16-18 years old, in a prequel to dmc3, he’d be like 12 and have nothing special about him other than being a bit heartier than the average schoolboy. It’s really impossible for it to be Dante considering the canon (nevermind the necessary reconstructive facial surgery). Also, in the comics Dante is rather health conscious (drinking V8) despite enjoying his strawberry sundaes and pizza and I believe makes negative comments regarding smoking on at least one occasion in the animated series. Now, they say it’s Dante, maybe it is Dante junior, I’d buy that. Tris+Dante baby would certainly have enough inadequacy issues to be a smoker and public nuisance, that’s teenage-hood after all. It would make sense then for “uncle-Vergil” to make an appearance and save his ass at some point. Honestly, I’m still hoping for a sequel to dmc2 after all the killer lose ends. I mean, he’s in Hell between dmc2 and 4… And Sparta and his mom? Both “gone” but no one ever said “dead”, just like how Virgil was “lost”, and when you kill him in dmc1, how does he come back? Who knows? I’d like to. Mind you, Dante’s cameo in Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne was most definitely not included in canon which I guess gives them the right to disregard andything but I’m a big storyline and continuity buff, I hope they take the time someday to put it all together 🙂

  34. So totally late with this but just in case someone was looking at this I just want to say:
    I’m still going to try it (don’t knock it ya know)
    Besides from what I hear this is the first DMC not developed by capcom (just published, esplains Twilight looking Dante ) and it’s supposedly in a diff dimension from the originals so it’s like DmC starting over with diff perspective. I’m all for it, it just can never replace silver haired dante

  35. Also what happened to Ebony and ivory, from the trailors i watched not once did i see them. It ain’t Dante without Ebony and Ivory. And also keep the white hair, the dark hair looks stupid.

  36. old Dante was better, but this black haired and smoking Dante sucks

  37. sorry, but old Dante is much hotter.

  38. thats dante’s reincarnation from the past

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