Top 10 Favourite Dance Moments in Film

StreetDance 3D group shot

StreetDance 3D is released on DVD and Blu-Ray today and in honour of the UK feelgood dance movie, here are my personal top ten favourite dance sequences in film. To be honest it was tough to stick to only 10, as I grew up watching musicals with MovieMom from a very young age. Apologies to Mr F Astaire, Ms R Moreno, Ms C Charisse, Mr B Vereen etc, who should also be on this list…

10. She’s Gotta Have It – Nola’s Birthday
After all these years I’m still in two minds about She’s Gotta Have It – Spike Lee’s debut feature. There are elements I love, others that make me very unhappy. Still, this sequence is a stunner, in glorious colour compared to the grainy black and white that comprises the rest of the movie.

9. Newsies – Seize the Day
Christian Bale dances! Seriously, what more could you ask for? There’s an awful lot of love for Newsies out there, and from this clip you can see why…

8. White Nights – Mikhail Baryshnikov & Gregory Hines
Yes the music is 80s toss, but damn these boys can dance. I paid good money to see this at the cinema when it came out, and I don’t regret it.

7. 13 Going on 30 – Thriller
Another movie I have no great love for, but this is gleeful stuff, especially when Serkis joins the dance. Any group of people dancing to Thriller in any location will have me beaming.

6. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – Tequila
Hey, Gervais, we can see where you get all your moves from….

5.Anchors Aweigh – Gene Kelly and Jerry Mouse
It could have been Singin’ the the Rain, it could have been An American in Paris, but no, Gene and Jerry always, always raises a smile.

4.Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – Barn Dance
Back in the days when MOMI was still open in the South Bank, they had this on a constant loop. To be honest I’d stand there for about 20 minutes at a time, every time I went to the museum. Love it. Sheer joy.

3.Pennies from Heaven – Let’s Misbehave
Chris Walken dancing and stripping. Really, what more could you want from a dance clip?

2.The Little Prince – Snake in the Grass
So many Bob Fosse choreographed sequences, so little time. In the end I thought it best to go direct to the source. Anyone who thought Michael Jackson was an innovative dancer should watch this and realise how wrong they were.

1. Dirty Dancing – I’ve Had the Time of My Life
Yes, I KNOW it’s a hackneyed choice, and again I have no real love for the film and the highly dubious romantic pairing of Swayze and Grey. But damn, it’s another really joyful sequence that never fails to raise a smile. So sue me.

I’ve missed out a load of classic clips here (damn you Youtube for not finding me a cleaner clip of Twiggy in The Boyfriend), so please, in the comments – what are your favourite dance moments or movies?

Alternatively, join the fun and list your favourite dance scenes or dance movies on Twitter, using the hashtag #StweetDance. Not on Twitter? Then check out the official StreetDance 3D Facebook page.

Now, where did I put my dancing shoes…


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