Games Review – Guitar Hero:Warriors of Rock – Neversoft (PS3, Wii, Xbox360)

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

Before I start my review of Guitar Hero:Warriors of Rock, let me make a couple of things quite clear:

– I am a big fan of rhythm games
– I do own a copy of Rush Greatest Hits

I played the demo last week and it looked promising – Quest mode looking entertaining and the track list interesting. I was definitely considering splashing the cash for this, but then we managed to score a copy from my brother-in-law, to whom I am now eternally grateful.

The game allows you to play either Quest or Quickplay+ mode. Both modes are available to single and multiplayer, but a multiplayer quest means you all play as various iterations of the same character. The quests are structured to those specific characters. It’s a little clunky, but I’ll let that slide.

Quickplay+ opens up most, but not all of the tracks, but does import tracks from other Guitar Hero games you’ve already played. So far so ok…

The mechanics of the Quest itself is where the game starts to fall down. Each character has an overblown story sequence, which you have to watch, you can’t skip past it. The tracks don’t appear to be set in a sequence of difficulty, presumably because you don’t have to choose the quests in the order they appear on the screen.

Each musician has a special power such as constant +2 multiplyer, quick star power fill, and the rating system has moved from the potential 6 stars of Guitar Hero 5, to 10 here, dependant on how well you utilise your special gift.

Judy Nails Before and afterOnce you’ve completed each character Quest, they turn into a nightmarish version of themselves so they can become full “Warriors of Rock”. And this is where it all gets a bit Spinal Tap to be honest. The “plot” of the Guitar Hero games was never really anything anyone cared about, all people wanna do is play. The whole thing reeks of pompous, overblown nonsense. Not to mention the fact that Brutal Legend did it earlier in the year with a good element of tongue in cheek.

Even worse, is that halfway through the Quest, in order to progress further you have to play all of 2112 by Rush.

All of it. All 7 parts. That’s 20 minutes of your life you will never get back.

At which points it occurs to me that Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is the game equivalent of a 4LP gatefold sleeve concept album. The level of self-indulgence and sheer lack of awareness of what people want, is breathtaking in its arrogance.

Guitar Hero:World Tour had a 20 minute set by Tool, which was absolutely dire, but not compulsary. You only had to play it if you wanted to complete the game on 100% (guilty as charged, there was an achievement in it). That was pretty vile.

Hey Neversoft – not everyone who loves rock loves Rush. Whoever thought this was a good addition to the gameplay needs a damn good slapping. 2112 is pompous tripe, and to make it an integral part of the quest gameplay is a ridiculous misstep. Frankly, it sucked ALL the fun out of the game.

There are other issues too, there seems to have been a step back in calibrating the instruments, some gamers have complained of the screens freezing, and most irritatingly, the game appears to longer recognise the Rock Band microphone, which earlier iterations played with quite happily.

As for the track listing, there’s an awful lot of filler. The plusses of a brand new Soundgarden track, or a re-recorded version of Cherry Bomb by The Runaways are diminished by some other incredibly poor choices. Why, for example choose “Wish” by Nine Inch Nails when so much of it has to be bleeped out?

All the fun seems to have leeched out of the frachise. While QuickPlay+ allows people to jump in and play, and has a large number of challenges, by that point I’d stopped caring.

With Rock Band 3 on the horizon, with all its new gameplay and peripherals, Guitar Hero:Warriors of Rock is looking like the prog-rock dinosaur that was killed off by punk.

Don’t waste your cash or your time.


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  1. can my kids play 2 player guitar hero w/ just the hand remotes w/out the microphone hook up on guitar hero warriors of rock on their wii?

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