Coming Soon – American: The Bill Hicks Story


Without doubt, Bill Hicks was one of the most influential modern day comedians. Passionate about truth and honesty, driven to distraction by Republicans, pro-drugs, anti-manufactured pop, his rants were always thought provoking as well as hilarious.

American: The Bill Hicks Story, released on DVD on September 23rd, is a feature-length documentary which combines live action with a stunning new animation technique manipulating 1,000s of photographs to uniquely immerse the audiences in his world, all told from the point-of-view of the people who knew Bill best.

The film contains all original interviews, edited during a 7 month process, to create a seamless narrative track. The Hicks estate granted full access to their archive of Bill’s video performances and photographs, and along with Bill’s friends and colleagues, agreed to talk and lay bare their memories of their son, brother and friend. From the outset, the aim was to move beyond a film for the Hicks fan base and bring the story to a wide audience and reveal a strong personal sense of who Bill Hicks was directly from the people who knew him.

The 2 disc set, released by BBC DVD has a amazing list of additional material, which makes it a must purchase for any of Bill’s “goat children”:

Main Feature

Extended Interviews Part1

Austin Panel at SxSW
Dominion Tour

DISc 2

Extended Interviews part2

• Festivals in UK & USA with the Hicks
• Hicks at Abbey Road Studios – remastering Bill’s tracks
• Kevin shoots his film in LA
• 15th Anniversary tribute
• Comedy School
• David Johndrow’s photography
• Dwight in London
• Making of Arizona Bay
• The Ranch

• deleted scene – The older kids
• deleted scene – Bill calls Dwight
• deleted scene – Dangerfields
• deleted scene – Early Bill & Dwight recording
• deleted scene – Ninja Bachelor Party
• deleted scene – STRESS
• deleted scene – The goal of comedy
• deleted scene – tragic love lives

• early scene – Houston House
• early scene – Mary & Jim watch Bill
• early scene – Flying to New York
• early scene – Writing jokes.

• alternative scene – Last ranch trip
• alternative scene – Teenage rebellion
• alternative scene – Wimberly

• Annex – Girls
• Annex – Eating
• Annex – Scary Movies
• Annex – Mom comes to town
• Funny bone – UFO
• Indianapolis1 – Dad’s a goober
• Indianapolis2 – Jews killed my lort
• Outlaws get Religion – Jesus is pissed
• Outlaws get Religion – School rivalry
• Sacremento – Housekeeping!
• Sane Man – Bill you don’t fit in
• Sane Man – Non smokers
• Spellbinders – In hospital
• West Palm Beach – Childbirth
• West Palm Beach – Did God make a mistake?

• Bill & Dwight – Bat & ball
• Bill at Waco
• Ninja Bachelor Party trailer

• Bill lonely in LA, 1981
• Bill leaves New York for LA, 1992

I’ll be reviewing American in the very near future…


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