Moviegrrl vs The Scott Pilgrim Premiere

My prem kit

On Wednesday I got the opportunity to be in the press pen for the European Premiere of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. This is the record of my (mis)adventures.

4:20 Turn up at the pens STUPIDLY early, armed with notebook, camera, notes, iPhone and press pass. This is the first time in the pen for me and frankly I feel like I should be packed in with the rest of the crowd. The bloggers pen doesn’t even exist yet, and the red carpet hasn’t been put down. There’s a nice looking Chaos Theatre set up steps off to the right as you face the cinema, which has a screen behind it in readiness. I wander about for a bit, but there’s no-one there and it’s going to be a long day, so I check out getting something to eat.

The crowds

5:00 Back to the pens, there’s more activity going on, and I bump into pal Brendon Connolly of Bleeding Cool. We go for a drink and have a natter about Black Swan, Fright Fest and other such geekiness.

5:30 Back to the pens again. The bloggers area still doesn’t exist, but the Hey U Guys crew are in the “proper” pens with TV people. Say a quick hi to Ben and Dave and then loiter around the area where “our” pen is going to be. Bump into Alan who writes for He recognises me immediately, which is lovely, seeing as we’ve never met previously. As we chat the pen gets constructed around us. It’s close to the stage, but very far away from where the talent arrives and, tellingly past the entrance to the cinema. Furthermore we’ve been told that the Radio guys get preference for the side of the pen right by the cinema entrance.

Alan has been told that there’s a lady from The Times who’s hoping to speak to the bloggers, as this is apparently the first time there has been a specific blogging pen. She doesn’t show and there is a slight air of cynicism in the pen as to whether or not we’re going to get any of the talent talking to us.

The Lovely Lauren Laverne5:45 We find out who is presenting the red carpet. A heavily pregnant Lauren Laverne turns up in fantastic black satin dress and killer leopard print heels above and beyond the call of duty.

6:00 First of the Scott Pilgrim stars turns up, Ellen Wong. She looks fantastic, but the crowd don’t really seem to know who she is. While she signs autographs Laverne interviews a rather surly Matt Berry, who does come over to the bloggers pen but as he isn’t actually involved in the film in any way, no-one is really that bothered.

Next up is Brie Larson who comes and chats happily to Lauren, talking about “the journey” that making the film was. She then comes over to the pen, and chats away. She called Edgar Wright a visionary, saying that no-one else could make this film, and also admits it’s exhausting to watch. Brendon asks her about the United States of Tara and she says she’s going to shoot Season 3 as soon as she returns to the US.
Brie Larson & Lauren

Brie Larson 1 Brie Larson LLaverne & Satya Bhabha LLaverne & Satya Bhabha 2

Michael Cera

Meanwhile Michael Cera has arrived and is working the crowd like a true pro. He allows someone to write MC on his nose and takes his time with the fans. This is in stark contrast to his time with Laverne when he finally does his interview. All his answers are in his Scott Pilgrim voice and most of them are monosyllabic. Laverne does well not to beat him over the head with her mic.

Kieran and Macaulay Culkin arrive, one looks dapper and enthusiastic, the other looks a bit of a bloated mess to be honest. Sadly neither of them comes to talk to us, which is a real shame.

The hit rate of celebs to our pen is pretty small. Florence Welch, she of the Machine does talk, but only to the Radio One journo. We’re starting to feel a wee bit like pariahs, and the view from the pen isn’t great for taking photos. There’s an air of restlessness and the feeling we’ve been shunted off so as not to get in the way. I start to think up fun questions for the un-interviews I can write about.
Laverne and Cera

So, Ed, why do none of your cool female characters talk to each other?
So, Michael, Scott’s a bit of a git with the ladies really, isn’t he?
Mary, don’t you think the film would have ended better with Knives and Ramona heading off into the sunset?

J Schwartzmann talks to aud

Meanwhile, Jason Schwartzman who plays Gideon in the movie is up with Lauren.
He looks tiny next to his interviewer and possibly aware of that, takes the mic away from her and walks over to the fans to tell them all about the movie. He also voices admiration for the way Cera is still working the crowd.

I think the PR company sense the mood in the pen, and come out with comps for the film. This brightens the day as the weather starts to get a little chillier. Writer Michael Bacall comes and has a chat and I once again use the trusty iPhone to record his words. Sadly, because I’m three deep I can’t see that it isn’t recording, and as such miss everything that he says. I continue with this schoolgirl error when Edgar Wright comes over to the pen and then Michael Cera. (It’s not until the following morning that I realise what I’ve done).

LLaverne with J Schwartzman LLaverne with J Schwartzman 3 Mary Elizabeth Winstead Brandon Routh

It’s all a bit of a crush, and getting angle for photos isn’t easy. I’m a little overwhelmed by people with digital records and more professional looking cameras than my Canon Sureshot, so I don’t push myself forwards as much as I should. The extended arm with the iPhone is supposed to be my lifeline, for this. Ooops.

Brandon Routh arrives and the crowd goes wild. He’s exactly as gorgeous as you think and spends time with both the radio people and the bloggers. He is at one side of the pen talking, while Cera is at the other, and I multitask, taking photos of Routh, while recording Cera. As multi-tasking goes, it would have been fantastic if it had worked.

(I am of course aware, that this shows a lack of priorities, with Cera the star, I should have been right up his nostril.) I get a fantastic shot of Routh in “Superman” pose that I am stupidly pleased with, but a Cera sound bite would probably have been more useful!

Laverne & Winstead
6:45 There are still people on the red carpet, but there is a strong feeling of hustling people along. We don’t get to talk to Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but as she can barely move in her bodycon dress, I forgive her that one, it’s going to take her an age to actually get into the building.

Eventually the PR guys come up to the pen and shunt out all of those who have tickets so they can get seated before the film starts. I say quick goodbyes, dash into the Empire, race for the loo, then hurry to my seat. Blu-tack on the bum… I’m sorted.

Edgar Wright presents the cast and crew who are in attendance, and it’s a pretty impressive list:
Michael Bacall, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Anna Kendrick, Kieran Culkin, Brie Larson, Satya Babha, Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, Jason Schwartzman, Ellen Wong and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

All of them seem genuinely happy to be at the premiere, Schwartzman in particular is full of beans and I get the feeling that all the talk of the shoot being one big party is pretty close to the truth.

The talent leaves the stage, the lights go down… and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World begins…

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