Fright Night – and still MORE casting news

Dave Franco

Amazingly the casting news for Fright Night just goes on and on and on… A couple of days ago Just had the exclusive announcement that Dave Franco has now joined the cast of the Marti Noxon penned Disney remake.

Franco, last seen playing cocky rich boy med student Cole, in the final season of Scrubs, plays the “arrogant asshole-bully” who is Charley’s nemesis until Jerry Dandridge appears on the scene. I’m sure Franco will play this well, it’s hardly a stretch, but personally I’d have been more interested to see him play Evil Ed, a role that has gone, not surprisingly, to Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

The more additional casting news I hear, the more I’m trusting Noxon not to f*ck up the script. This should be a fun, funky comedy horror film, and Noxon’s penmanship and some choice casting (Anton Yelchin, David Tennant) is making me hopeful that it won’t be a 3D crapfest.

Fright Night 3D is scheduled to open in the US on October 7th, 2011


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