Saw 3D teaser footage

Saw 3D poster

You had to feel for the organisers of Fright Fest today. On Thursday subscribers to their newsletter got the offer of seeing the first 8 minutes of footage from Saw 3D along with an introduction from and Q&A with Cary Elwes. The actor reprises his role of Dr Lawrence Gordon from the first movie, in what we are assured is the last movie in the franchise.

Lucky invitees turned up promptly at 12:30 today, only to be told that Elwes would not be in attendance. There had been issues with flooding at The Covent Garden Hotel, where the screening was scheduled, and initially it had been thought this had affected the screening room in the basement. In fact it was the kitchen that was flooded, but Elwes was not informed of this and therefore did not attend. To be fair to Fright Fest, this was completely out of their hands, and the guys there were hugely apologetic.

Still attendees were offered the chance to be interviewed by Lionsgate films to talk about the Saw franchise both before and after the clip was shown. (I declined, politely, figuring they probably didn’t want to know my thoughts – that the franchise should have stopped after the frankly vile 3 episode…)

The clip itself was the first 8 minutes of the movie, including all opening credits

It starts with the end of the original movie, with the Jigsaw killer closing the door on Adam Stanheight. It cuts to a blood trail as Lawrence Gordon drags himself across the floor, unable to walk since cutting off his own foot. Gordon finds a metal pipe, obviously scorchingly hot and presses his stump against it, to cauterise the wound.

Saw 3d screenshot1

Cut to a shopping precinct in the present. Shoppers are drawn to a window with an unexpected display. Two young men, Ryan and Brad, at first asleep, wake up to discover themselves chained to some kind of device with two rotating saw blades. The two men are not keen to see each other and are dismayed by the situation they find themselves in. Worse, a sheet is pulled away to reveal a girl, Dina, strung above the two of them and a third blade. Enter a Jigsaw mannequin riding his tricyle who explains to the men that they have both been corrupted by the girl, both have stolen to get her the material things she wants, both have been led along. Not only the men can hear this, somehow the sound has been rigged so shopper hear too.

The puppet tells them that in 60 seconds time one of them will die. The men have to either push the saw blade into the other, or keep the machine balanced perfectly so that the woman falls onto the third blade.

Saw 3D screenshot2

As each of the men push against the machine, the woman tells Brad she loves him, this angers Ryan who pushes the saw into Brad just enough to start to cut him. At which point Dina tells Ryan it’s him she loves. Ryan stops pushing the saw against Brad and brings it into the middle setting, shouting at Brad to do the same, that they’ve both been misled by Dina and neither should die. The men agree to stop fighting and as the time runs out, and chaos rules in the precinct, Dina is cut through by the saw, intestines falling to the floor, gore covering the two men.

Cue movie title.

The 3D is ok, but nothing astounding, the title credits using it more inventively than the action itself. The movie has at least been shot in Real 3D rather than shoe-horned in afterwards, which should indicate some innovative uses at some point within the movie. There’s no real tension in this first sequence, and it’s conclusion is inevitable as soon as Dina reveals herself to be solely interested in her own welfare and not that of either of the men.

Perhaps the most telling thing was that when the guys from Lionsgate asked the audience if they wanted to see the footage again, there was a collective shrug of shoulders.

Furthermore, I was astounded at the amount of gender and race fail inherent in this first trap. Dina has been taking these two nice white boys for a ride. They seem well educated nice lads, led astray by the duplicitous Latina. It’s “bros not hoes” made flesh, their battle tiresomely testosterone-y until they unite. Of course Jigsaw’s traps are always about punishment, so whomever is in that third spot is always going to be the greater bad guy. It all seemed so hackneyed though. Which shouldn’t surprise me of course, but it did leave a nasty taste in my mouth.

It is of course, impossible to judge the rest of this movie on the first eight minutes. It would be nice to see a reintroduction of the dramatic tension that made the first movie so compelling. 3D horror movies should be a fun at the very least, so far, I’m not convinced.

Saw 3D will open in the UK in October.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on August 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “Saw 3D teaser footage”

  1. My anticipation rating is:

    I have no desire to see another saw film. These films got weak since the second or third. I think these should stop.

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  3. bring it on 🙂

  4. cant wait! 😀 looks cool to be honest 🙂

  5. You are blatantly sexist – Dina deserved it.

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