Bioshock Infinite – first trailer

Bioshock Infinite

Excuse me a minute while I wipe the drool from my chin…

Yesterday PC Gamer not only had the trailer for Bioshock Infinite, but also screen shots and a blow by blow walkthrough of the demo.

Goddamn boys, you’ve earned your money there.

Infinite is not sea-based, it’s looking skywards. Set in 1912, if anything it’s a prequel, not sequel to Bioshocks 1 & 2, and ohmigod it’s pretty. So so so pretty. The city is called Columbia, and is an example of American exceptionalism. You play a former Pinkerton’s agent, hired to rescue a woman called Elizabeth.

Did I mention the pretty? Right now it looks like all kinds of steam-punk and Final Fantasy. While I’m not entirely sure how it fits (if it does at all) into the Bioshock universe, there are definite Big Daddy-esque characters to battle against.

Developers Irrational Games had teased with the What Is Icarus website, which is now a fully blown site for the new game, complete with downloads and gallery. Due for release in 2012 this already has me bouncing up and down in glee. While Bioshock 2 was not perhaps the sum of all its parts, if the gameplay is as gorgeous as the game, it should be sure-fire hit.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on August 13, 2010.

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