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Sherlock BBC

As a Moffat and Gatiss fangirl it was inevitable that I’d be enthusiastic about Sherlock.

I’ve been lucky enough to be allowed to air my thoughts on each episode over at my blogging home from home, Blogomatic3000.

A Study in Pink

The Blind Banker

The Great Game

Overall I think the series has been excellent, with some reservations, particularly with the second episode which played to far too many old racial stereotypes. Steven Moffat has once again proved himself a cunning bugger and I hope that Mark Gatiss gets the kudos he deserves for his contribution as co-creator, writer and actor. Last night’s intricate episode was very reminiscent of some of his plotting for his Lucifer Box novels.

For season 2 I’d like to see Irene Adler beautifully realised in a modern setting, more Una Stubbs and more of Sgt Sally Donovan the female police officer who hates Sherlock so much. She’s great, if unlikeable.

Sherlock justifies the license fee, and should be recommissioned for at least one more season.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on August 9, 2010.

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