US Torchwood casting call


Last month I blogged about the Torchwood Season Four being commissioned. A joint production between Starz and BBC, with Russell T Davies as writer and executive producer.

I believe I voiced a few concerns about how the show would progress and whether it would maintain the high quality of Children of Earth. Well the casting call has gone out and…. well let’s just say I’m not hopeful.

We have a “wickedly funny” white CIA agent who is “arrogant and unstoppable” – sounds like a job description for Doctor Owen Harper there, if he wasn’t dead…

A non-Caucasian, “deeply religious woman” who’s in love with the aforementioned CIA agent – paging Toshiko Sato… oh no wait…

AND a “convicted murderer and paedophile .. (who is)… boiling with lust and rage”.

I’m sorry, WUT?

If RTD’s casual attitude to ethnicity wasn’t enough to leave a bad taste in the mouth, we have a character of potentially appalling crassness. I’m guessing we’re not talking Kevin Bacon in The Woodsman here.

Some of the criticisms levelled at Torchwood when it started was that it was trying too hard to be “adult” with it’s “ooh look we can swear and have sexual shenanigans” nonsense. More Carry On Up the Torchwood than proper adult Sci-Fi. There were stories that worked especially well, “From the Rain” and “Adrift” are particular personal faves, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” was a romp, but knew it and played to those strenths. The aforementioed Children of Earth was devastatingly good, proper drama with heart, soul and gravitas.

And now, apparently, Rusty is giving us a media celebrity paedo. Joy.

There have been suggestions that this is a hoax, and that this casting call has come from the US version of Shameless. (Hmm… really? CIA in Shameless? Sounds unlikely). It has recently been reported in Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true, just that their researchers use the internet the same way as the rest of us. (ie lazily and without checking all the facts).

So for the moment let us file this under lively conjecture with the potential for crushing disappointment.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on July 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “US Torchwood casting call”

  1. I’m not sure what’s wrong with having your main villain (it certainly looks like the villain role) be a murderer and paedophile. Especially in the US TV landscape – every other darned episode of Law And Order: SUV seems to feature a paedophile or suspected one.

    • It’s that final line “This man is destined to become more important than even he could have…(imagined?)” – I’m guessing that’s the gist of it.
      Honestly, it makes me uncomfortable, I know it’s difficult to determine exactly what Rusty has in mind, but I worry we’re about to see a load of messianic bollox to justify some needless nastiness on the way.

      But, this is can only be conjecture at this point, alongside personal opinion. But the whole casting looks so very hackneyed. Rex? Seriously?

  2. I’m guesstimating it’ll be The Stand-esque, with token-ethnic-Christian becoming the representative for good humanity, and paedophile-dude becoming the representative for bad aliens. Their speaker on Earth, if you will.

    As for Rex, I’m assuming that’s just a name for now – the real name won’t be revealed until after shooting is all over!

  3. It sounds bloody awful. To be fair I never really got past the whole ‘Angel’ rip-off nature of Torchwood, although Children was a lot of fun.

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