Save Bray Studios

Bray Film Studios

The world famous Bray Studios near Windsor founded in 1951, is facing closure and demolition on the eve of its 60th birthday.
Bray is probably most famous its association with Hammer Film Productions but has been in almost continuous use until recently.

An application was recently made to change the use of Bray Studios to housing. This would be a terrible shame if it happened, and fans of Bray are trying to raise awareness to prevent the loss of this historic site.

Please, blog, tweet, talk to the media if you are able, but let’s do what we can to save Bray. It may well be that this is a done deal, that the company who currently own Bray just want to make their money on property. Let’s try and make that as awkward and hard for them as possible.

Save Bray Studios Facebook page
Save Bray Studios on Twitter
Save Bray Studios Webpage
Save the British Film Industry

If we can get Rage Against the Machine to No1, surely we can save Bray Studios…


~ by moviegrrlreviews on July 1, 2010.

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