Paranormal Activity 2 – official trailer

By the time I watched the first Paranormal Activity everyone in the known multiverse had already seen it and had their own opinion.

I thought it was … ok… creepy in parts, not particularly risible. Not as good as Blair Witch, but if you were prepared to go along with it, it was a bit of a headf*ck.

Paramount Pictures has now released the first official trailer for Paranormal Activity 2, due to hit cinemas in October 2010.

And…. well it looks like more of the same to be honest. Except with dog and babies in the mix. My first reaction is “well at least they appear to have got the tone right, unlike that godawful mess Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows”.

The second is… hmmm.. babies… emotive…. could be interesting.

Third was – what the HELL does that say on the carpet? And why can I only see the baby in the mirror….?

Thanks to Alan who writes for The Day Hollywood Stood Still who utilised a crafty piece of mirror work, I know it says “What is happening to Hunter?”

As something of a Lewis Carroll fan the use of the mirror is a big plus, and has definitely piqued my curiosity. It would be interesting to see this turn a children’s story on its head and will give it extra depth.
Whether or not I’ll hunt this down on day one of release remains to be seen, the film will stand or fall on how much I’m prepared to buy into the overall concept.

Still… more interested than I was before I saw the teaser, which I guess is the whole point 😉


~ by moviegrrlreviews on June 30, 2010.

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