Portal 2 – E3 trailer

Portal 2 Logo

Of the games I’m looking forward to currently, Portal 2 is right up there.
Fiendishly hard in places, excellently written and unexpectedly creepy/nausea inducing at times, the original has to be one of my favourite games ever.

Those nice people at CVG have shared gameplay they were shown behind closed doors at E3 and damn… it looks good.

Portal 2 is set hundreds of years in the future. The Aperture Science Centre is now degraded and overgrown but when Chell awakens after being in stasis, GLaDoS, everyone’s favourite passive/aggressive AI, is accidentally also woken and starts to rebuild the facility around her.

Valve have extended the gameplay, to make the game even more fiendish. Propelling and repelling gel, platforms that propel you into the air, excursion funnels and Thermal Discouragement beams, there’s much more to boggle you, and have you throwing your controller in frustration… before picking it up again and having “just one more go before bedtime”. The next thing you know it’s 4 in the morning and you’re in a constant freefall….

Do check out the CVG footage, and tell me, do you think that personality core sounds like Noel Fielding?


~ by moviegrrlreviews on June 21, 2010.

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