Doctor Who – The Pandorica Opens

The Pandorica Opens - non spoilery image

I’ve been very lucky during this season of Doctor Who to be able to write reviews on the episodes for Blogomatic3000 (thanks Phil).

The highlight of this was to be able to go to the BAFTA screening of The Pandorica Opens last Wednesday. It was an absolute joy to be able to watch the episode on a big screen, with so many like minded fans, and then get the opportunity to listen to Steven, Matt and Karen talk about their experiences this season. I even managed to pose a question to Matt himself regarding Troughton comparisons!

I’m not going to repost the articles here, as without Blogomatic3000 I would not have been able to attend, so instead, here are my three links:

Spoiler Free Preview (if you’ve still not watched it on iPlayer)

Transcript of the Q&A at BAFTA with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and Karen Gillen – also spoiler free.

CHOCK FULL O’SPOILERS review – did I mention SPOILERS?

I believe, genuinely, that Steven Moffat is one of the best writers Who has ever had. This was an epic piece of writing, that left me at turns, gleeful, concerned, shocked and breathless. The UK should be really proud of this big damn show.

(If you like these pieces, do also check out my reviews at Blogomatic3000 for Vampires of Venice, Amy’s Choice, The Hungry Earth (Spoilers), Cold Blood (Spoilers), and The Lodger.)


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4 Responses to “Doctor Who – The Pandorica Opens”

  1. Good review, and the transcripts an interesting read.

    Dr Who is like Bond and Batman, in that there are any number of ways to do it and -as long as its well written- any take can be valid. I’m just happy that in SM is a writer who’s take on the Doctor meshes with mine, so its been a goof ride so far.

    There is still the chance of a big red reset button in the finale. At the same time, knowing Moff, the reset would be something thats been signposted early on in the series, maybe the cracks in time serve a dual purpose, or the very fact that its clear time can be rewritten is enough of a build up in itself.

    My problem before was they the resets truly were deux ex machina. They came from nowhere and were tacked onto the final episode of a season. I think the rule of checkov’s gun can be made out to be more important than it is, but if you’re going to reset a statu quo in a giant sci fi epic then really you need to have loaded the gun earlier on in the story.

    Still, we shall see. I can’t wait.

  2. My only problem with Moffat is how he’s straightened the whole series out. I had major issues with RTD (tho many of them were more Torchwood related) and I think Moffat is by far the better writer but sometimes it feels like he’s said to himself “right we’ll have no more of that queer crap from now on!” (Then again, maybe I just want to see River with another woman so I can think I might be in with a chance 😉 …)

    • I don’t think Moffat has deliberately “straightened out” Who particularly. I think he’s chosen not to use Captain Jack this season because he’s making the show his own, which means it’s his to play with.
      As for River.. just because it’s not canon yet, doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream!
      Lovely to hear from you sweetie, hugs to the nipper and yourself x

  3. Well, there was a bit more than just Captain Jack on the queer side of the RTD series’ (serieses? I’m terrible with plurals!) e.g. Tommy in the Idiot’s Lantern it is hinted he is gay, the man who Nancy steals food from in The Doctor Dances (“half the street thinks your wife’s messing around with the butcher, but she’s not – you are”), two of the sisters in New Earth are married iirc and I could think of more if it hadn’t been ages since I’d seen it, lol! (And, is it just me, and I know, I know, it probably is, but there is soooo something kinky and queer about the Doctor and the Master)… this series does feel a whole lot “straighter” to me.

    But, yes, I agree, I’m sure you’re right and he didn’t do it deliberately, I suppose a straight man is going to write mostly straight episodes – sigh.

    And as for River…. yes, quite, dream….

    Thanks for the hugs and I hope you are okay too. Do read your dreamwidth though I never comment there any more. Miss twitter but I’m not in the right “headspace” for it all atm! :/

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