Coming Soon – Rock Band 3

Rock Band 3
I am a HUGE fan of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchises, whilst at the same time recognising that the guitar play bares no relation to real life at all. I’m ok with that, give me a mike and I’m happy, and there is a nerdy glee in hitting all the notes. And YES, if I spent the same amount of time learning the guitar as I do actually playing the games, well I might be able to knock out a decent version of Hotel California by now.

Credit to Harmonix, they are looking at extending and elaborating the game play, and have now announced that Rock Band 3 will include a new Pro mode which will include use of stringed guitars, cymbal attachments for the drums and a real keyboard.

keytarThe 25 key board can be used as a keyboard away from the game by MIDI link (oh I remember those…) to either PC or Mac, and used for real music creation. And for those who are just happy to pose, it can even be slung over the shoulder as a keytar.

Meanwhile there will also be a Rock Band 3 bundle that includes a stringed Fender, just to bring a more realistic feel to the game. While more peripherals will sting my wallet, I can see there being a big take up on them, and Harmonix are keen to bring new elements of musicianship to the gameplay itself. Whether or not it eventually becomes as good as learning to play an instrument properly, is another thing. Still, pretty much everything my nine year old daughter knows about rock, she got from Rock Band and Guitar Hero….

As yet Harmonix have not announced a release date for this, but the safe money has to be on this arriving in time for Christmas market.


~ by moviegrrlreviews on June 10, 2010.

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