Mortal Kombat Teaser

Mortal Kombat

Yesterday a new Mortal Kombat teaser trailer started doing the rounds, with conjecture as to whether it was for a new game or a reboot of the franchise.

The eight minute trailer, which features Michael Jai White and the always lovely Jeri Ryan had the internet ablaze. It now transpires, courtesy of Latino Review this was made by Kevin Tancharoen to show Warner Brothers the potential to make a new R-rated Mortal Kombat flick.

Warners are well-known for being savvy about these things, Sandy Collara’s Dead End Batman short flick made in 2003, was so well received by fans, that WB started to look very intently at reviving the franchise.

With a huge amount of buzz already being generated by this, could we see a new, grittier, Mortal Kombat movie on the cards?

While I have very fond memories of the original, which didn’t suck as mightily as say, Street Fighter, this concept looks superb. It’s a yes from me…. Warners, what do you say?


~ by moviegrrlreviews on June 9, 2010.

One Response to “Mortal Kombat Teaser”

  1. Interesting take on it. A bit volent for my taste. I used to enjoy the video game when I was younger. They producers are smart, they’ve made a movie for the grown up Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter generation. Most people my I knew my age played either or both at some time during school.

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