DVD Review – Dragon Storm

Dragon Storm

A heavily singed farmer staggers at the fortress of King Fastrad (John Rhys-Davies), hot on his heels, 5 dragons hell bent on getting their flame on. When the dragons follow this attack up with one on his castle, Fastrad is forced to seek the aid of rival King Wednesbury. He is aided through the forest by Silas, a hunter (Caulfield in bearskins and fright wig) but denounces him as a thief on arrival. While Farstrad attempts to take over Wednesbury’s castle, Silas is recruited as Dragon Hunter, getting together a motley crew (is there any other kind?) to attack and kill the alien menace. Oh, sorry, didn’t I mention that? The dragons have hatched from large meteor rocks. Why? Who knows? They just have. Keep up.

Dragon Storm, made for TV by the Sci-Fi Channel in 2004, is the perfect example of a cheap and cheerful Sci-Fi flick:

– Generic European location? Check. (Apparently we’re in Carpathia in 1190)
– Risible effects? Check. (Although to be fair, the dragons are mostly kept away from interacting with real actors, so it’s not too shoddy)
– Cast of “Oh it’s him”s? Check (Maxwell Caulfield from Dynasty, Tony Amendola from Stargate, John Rhys-Davies from everything)
– Weird geek connection that makes you want to like it? Check. (Director is Steven Furst, Vir from Babylon 5)

It’s all bobbins of course, with the usual stereotypes, wicked king, feisty princess, bonkers Alchemist, inscrutable Chinaman and if you’re sober and watching it on your own (and I was), it’s really hard going.

Dragon Storm is not inept or badly made, at the risk of damning with faint praise, it could be called a “workmanlike effort”. I’ve certainly seen far worse films. And you know what, if you like this type of film (and plenty do, check out the comments on the trailer on YouTube) and you’re prepared to leave your brain at the door, there are worse ways of spending an hour and a half of your life. Furthermore I’m pretty sure there’s a fantastic drinking game just waiting to be written for this. For those of you with a penchant for dragons and cheesy dialogue, fill yer boots!

Dragon Storm is out now on DVD, courtesy of Revolver.

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