Review – Marvel 4D exhibit, Madam Tussauds, London

Marvel 4D
With Iron Man 2 still doing fantastic business, Thor and The Avengers coming our way, plus a reboot of Spiderman and a new X-Men movie on the cards, Madame Tussauds could not have come up with a better exhibit idea for this summer than Marvel 4D.

Opening yesterday, and officially launched in Wednesday, I was lucky enough to get a sneaky peak on Saturday of both the exhibits and the 9 minute 4D movie.
The multi-million project has taken 6 months to complete, something of a feat considering it includes the film in 4D, the models and the environment. Tussauds have worked exceptionally well in providing a mix of waxworks and interactive fun. There are waxworks of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Jessica Alba as The Invisible Woman, Robert Downey Junior as Tony Stark and Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury. Most impressive though is the 4.5 meter high Hulk you see as you first walk in, who straddles two floors.
Interspersed with this are lots of fun things (for kids, honest, no 42 year old glee here….) to do, from having your photograph taken with Spiderman on the ceiling, to “hulking out”, to having your own adamantium claw. Further along the exhibit you can appear to disappear, or have fun with “mutant” funfair mirrors.

The exhibits are exceptionally good, as you would expect from such a high profile event and such close working with Marvel. Further more there are interactive screens peppered around with information about all the characters in a multitude of languages.
Super screens

The piece de resistance, however is the film, in the 285 seat auditorium. (Word to the wise, try and sit in the middle). The 3D is breathtaking and perfectly realised, the 4D effects (wind, water, vibration) dial up the excitement. It’s a perfect rollercoaster ride of geek fun, one that should keep the adults as happy as the children. The sound system is the best in Europe and each of the chairs is individually wired up to provide the best possible experience. No matter how many times we asked, staff would not be drawn on the over-all cost of the exhibit, but it’s very clear that this is a major investment for the tourist attraction.
The exhibit is covered in the general cost of admission (£28 adults, £24 children for on the day tickets), and deserves to be a major hit. For more information click here.

Click here to win a pair of tickets to the exhibit!!


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