Game Review – Chime – Zöe Mode (Xbox 360)

Chime is a new game available on Xbox Live Arcade, that works on the very simple principles of games like Tetris and Lumines. You have an area that you need to fill with various shapes. What makes this slightly different from other games of a similar nature is that as you move the shapes, place them and create “quads” you influence the music played by the game.

This is no substandard music we’re talking about here, instead you have tracks from artists such as Moby, Phillip Glass and Paul Hartnoll(Orbital). This is a ridiculously addictive little game, with some fantastic music, and highly playable.

And if that wasn’t enough then here is another really good reason why you should buy it, the publisher One Big Game raises funds for key children’s charities, by distributing and selling games. Zöe Mode, who developed the game have donated all royalties to the One Big Game charity initiative, and OneBigGame always aims to donate a minimum of 80% of all donations to its charity partners Save the Children and Starlight Children’s foundation.

I think that’s worth less than £4, don’t you?

I leave you with one last thing, the Paul Hartnoll track featured in the game, which is just wonderful…

This was originally posted on 8th February 2010 at my old blog


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