Film Flashback – Casshern


There are a couple of things you need to know about Casshern before you watch it for the first time.
– It is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful movies in both design and concept films you will ever see

– It is almost completely incomprehensible on first viewing.

The first feature by music video director Kazuaki Kiriya, Casshern tells the story, set in the late 21st century of a young man, Tetsuya (Yusuke Iseya). After dying in battle he is reanimated by his scientist father using Neo Cells, human cells that can form any body part and be transplanted without rejection. From there on in the plot twists and turns as Tetsuya fights the good fight against armies and killer robots. Eventually he renames himself as Casshern, after a local legend of a protective deity.

The film uses manga tropes such as speed lines and fast cuts, together within a live action environment. The action sequences are breathtaking, but this is not a fast paced gung-ho movie. Instead it takes it’s time to tell a complex story of betrayal, both on a personal and political level. The full cut is a staggering 142 minutes long, which is only right for a something that is told on a epic scale.

There are sequences that play out like cut scenes from a videogame, while others are extremely plot heavy. However the movie is incredibly rewarding to watch, and while the nuances of the story may get lost first time around, it is a film that stayed with me long after I’d turned off the DVD player. This is a film that rewards you for the time spent watching it.

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