Coming Soon – A Nightmare on Elm Street

I could, given the opportunity, rant for HOURS about unnecessary horror remakes (The Omen, The Hitcher, Last House on the Left, the proposed The Thing remake), but now and again one will surprise me with it’s effectiveness. Laugh all you like but there were bits of Rob Zombie’s reboot of Halloween that I found very effective.

As someone who is almost Kermodian about the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, I was less than happy about the proposed reboot, even after I knew that Jackie Earle Hayley had been cast as Freddy Krueger. The fact that Michael Bay is producing also didn’t fill with me glee, and Samuel Bayer’s CV is a little sparse to say the least.

However, a new trailer has been released, and goddamit, if I’m not getting a little excited. It looks like a lot of set pieces from the original have been retained, the tone seems about right, and there was even a bit in the trailer that made me jump.

The Nightmare on Elm Street series was, let’s face it never High Art, more about giving teens a damn good scare. This could well do the job. I think I’m ready to revist Springwood, are you?

This was originally posted on 2nd March, 2010 over at The Day Hollywood Stood Still (and sadly, my optimism was mistaken)


~ by moviegrrlreviews on May 25, 2010.

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